Drunk chicks get punished by the judge

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A group of drunk sluts come out of a club and instead of going home they scream and shout on the streets waking up the whole neighborhood. The police come and arrest the girls but unfortunately for them, in the cell they meet the judge who is already tired of this kind of sluts. She takes one of the party girls, undresses of her thong and smacks her ass cheeks with a rod! The judge is determined to totally humiliate the girl so she smacks her ass till it gets black and blue! Her girlfriends are scared wondering who’s next.

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These two sexy dames promised to inform each other about everything that happens inside their friends group. But one of them keeps some secrets from the other one and now is her time to pay! Her girlfriend starts to yellow at her and demands her to say anything she knows but with no success! Then the upset girl, feeling even more angry and cheated just puts her girlfriend on her knees, takes her jeans off and starts to smack her ass! The bitch has her round ass smacked again and again and has to endure the pain and the humiliation!

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Wynona’s parents asked Mr. Rogers to watch over their daughter while they were away on vacation. When he went to take her to school, she told him that she was feeling sick. He wanted to be sure, so he decided to take her temperature through the old school method, with a thermometer in her ass. When her body temperature read normal, he decided to teach this brat that lieing doesn’t pay with another old school method. That is a brutally hard spanking!

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Samantha was arrested and brought down to the prison for stealing a shirt from the clothing store. This was the third time she was arrested this year and the officer was getting sick and tired of it. She realized there was only going to be one way to teach her a lesson. She pulled out a cane and proceeded to give Samantha an extremely hard caning. She warned her if she got caught stealing again she would face even worse consequences!


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Nadia Nyce was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the prison. The arresting officer is fed up with having to deal with all of the prostitutes so she decides to teach the girls a lesson. Just like her teachers used to punish her the officer realizes the only way to teach a girl a lesson is with a very hard belting! Watch as she belts Nadia’s ass until it turns bright red!